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Youth Ministry

We have many values in our youth group, including having a ton of fun! But most of all we are seeking ways to learn how to obey God with our lives. Our group verse tells us we "ought to obey God more than man" (Acts) and in this world that is tough to achieve sometimes. Still, we seek to please God and follow Christ's way. 

Some things we often do together are:

  • Regular Wednesday Night Youth
    Group at 7:00 pm

  • Local Cleanups

  • Assisting in Church

  • Laser Tag Trips

  • Attending Youth Retreats

    and much more!

We also use the Community Center next door most evenings.

There are around twenty of us in the group (grades 7th-12th), although we are always looking for new members! If you want to see what our group is like, the best way is to just show up at the

First United Methodist Church at 7:00pm on Wednesday nights! 


We are currently studying (January 2023), "The Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith" by Phil Tallon. The purpose of this study is to establish a solid foundation in the core doctrines of Christianity. We are also engaging in relational discipleship practices from the early Methodist Movement.


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